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  • V2 ADVANCED Maxima is a 5 axes single spindle high precision tool grinding machine. This machine is optimized for grinding diameter range from 2mm to 20mm solid carbide, in multiple settings.
  • The machine kinematics and selection of features are well balanced to achieve high precision & excellent surface finish on the tools produced.
  • Highly balanced spindle ensures cutting edge stability while grinding precision end mills/form tools.
  • Electrical elements are designed to reduce the electromagnetic interference & reduced emissions to make the machine environment friendly.


Machine axes configuration

  • Roller type LM guide used on this machine will enhance rigidity.
  • Optional linear scale & rotary encoder make this machine more accurate.

Advantage of elevated axis design

All the 3 linear axes are isolated from the coolant area. Additionally bellows will protect the ball screws and lm guide ways from coolant splash/carbide sludge. This will enhance the life of the machine & its performance interms of retaining the precision over a long time.

Optimized axis movement for high performance & accuracy

  • The ball nose cutter is very closely held to the ‘C’ axis center which makes wheel movement very small interms of X, Y, Z axis.
  • This improves the quality of profile/radius generated. This also optimizes the cycle time by the way of short movements.
  • V2 ADVANCED Maxima is equipped with highly efficient spindle motor of 10 HP continuous power to allow bigger diameter solid carbide tools to be ground with less number of passes.
  • Low run out and highly repeatable tool clamping system.
  • The taper type spindle system for wheel mounting will ensure very low run out which minimizes the wheel wear and hence enhances it’s life.
  • Types of tools manufactured & reground include end mills, ball nose, CR end mill, drill & step drill, form tools, gundrill, inserts, thread mill, taps, form radial cutter etc.
  • User friendly MTS –AG software to manufacture/regrind tools. Profile simulation, 3D simulation guides the operator to design the proper tool.
  • "Collision check" feature will help to decide the tool length , collet system etc to ensure trouble free running of the machine.
  • ISO programming with the help of user parameter is also possible.

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